" Cinematique Magazine

is a modern voice of intelligent cinema for authentic filmmakers with an abstract outlook on the art of filmmaking.

This is a platform for people in the film industry with positions behind the camera to speak more in debt about their work, all while looking elegant and sharp.

The idea of this magazine sparked after years of reading men's fashion magazines, feeling jealous that due to the profession I chose, I would probably never be featured in a quality magazine where I would be dressed up nicely and get my brain picked about cinema. 

Elegance, cinema, authenticity, and simplicity are four words that were circling through my brain for a decade, until the penny finally dropped one morning and Cinematique Magazine was finally born. 

With Cinematique Magazine we want to help preserve cinema by not only focusing on pioneers and award winners, but on filmmakers in every shape and every color, regardless of the size of their award lists.

Cinema is the greatest artwork there is, and Cinematique Magazine is my testimony of it.

Enjoy. "